Best TFT Compositions You Should Try Out

Patches come and go, and with it, ideal team compositions in TFT change to a meta you might not be familiar with. The current patch is 10.15, so it’s important to note which team compositions are viable. Remember, viable team comps nets you the win and winning is a lot more fun than losing.


As of Patch 10.15, Astro Snipers is a safe bet for high tier as Jarvan’s nerfs allow the core group of Caitlyn, Nautilus, Ashe, Gnar, Jhin, Teemo, Wukong, and Lulu to excel more in the current meta. Jhin and Teemo complement each other quite nicely, so utilizing attack and magic damage items can help keep your itemization process quite simple, especially in the early game.


A big thing to note involving Astro Snipers is that itemization is more flexible with this team compared to other team comps. As a result, you can try counterbuilding or experiment a little more for your comfort zone (and hopefully find winning results). Specific level-ups differ depending on your situation, so you have to be adaptable.


Another popular and successful team composition making some waves in the competitive scene is the Bang Pilots team composition. Shaco, Annie, Rumble, Fizz, Gangplank, Karma, Cassiopeia, and Viktor make up the team, and it excels when both Shaco and Annie have their items online. Shroud of Stillness is a great item to consider with this team, as is Quicksilver and Trap Claw on the super mech.


Shaco can handle enemy carries while the super mech is positioned with the main force of the enemy team composition. Dodge items and tankiness can make this team annoying to face, especially as it punishes your opponent’s misplays more than a lot of other teams, hence a strong recommendation to try this out. You can try experimenting with other mech units in the case of patches changing ideal itemization or if there’s direct nerfs to the characters listed.


If you’re looking for a team comp that is unkillable, then The Wall is a great team composition to try out in TFT. The team consists of Cassiopeia (who slowly kills the enemy team), Nautilus, Jayce, Wukong, Mordekaiser, Leona, Poppy, and Soraka. With a blue buff on Cassiopeia, you need to invest heavily in getting her to do the main damage for the team as your team is heavily focused on defensive plays.


Defensively-oriented teams like The Wall can heavily punish certain offensive teams that focus on attack damage. Early game damage is key, so try to get a lead of some kind to be the menacing wall that won’t crumble under your opponent’s heavy offense. Naturally, if you don’t utilize Cassiopeia properly, this team won’t function ideally, so another team composition may be more beneficial for you if you continue to struggle with a more defensive playstyle.


These team compositions have great win rates and even top 4 results in the competitive scene and are flexible enough to be viable in future patches. Beyond all else, you do need to have knowledge of your enemy’s team comp and what they are building, as you can’t just slap these teams each game without knowing why they work. Even so, these teams are still beginner-friendly and great at high-level play.