Hashinshin Banned from Twitch After Grooming Allegations

After serious grooming allegations made by Maya Henckel (@Caltyss) via Twitter, Twitch decided to permanently ban the popular League of Legends streamer known as ‘Hashinshin.’ 


Caltys made a statement on Twitter that read, ‘I was groomed by Hashinshin when I was 15 years old.’ The pro player also posted a document that explained everything that happened and why she decided to come forward. At the end of the document, Caltys posted several screenshots of messages that she exchanged with Hashinshin at the time.


While they did not exchange any inappropriate pictures, Caltys said on the document that Hashinshin asked her for photos several times. These screenshots of the conversation also showed many messages from Hashinshin flirting with Caltys, while also sexualizing her in some cases.


Hashinshin’s Response


Some moments after Caltys’ tweet got viral, Hashinshin came forward and addressed these allegations in a YouTube video. In the video, Hashinshin denied every accusation made to him and stated that the screenshots that Caltys posted on the document were fake and/or edited. The comment section of that video was filled with comments supporting the streamer and claiming that he was wrongfully accused.


However, not long after the video was posted, Hashinshin posted a Tweet in which he stated that while he did send some inappropriate messages to minors, he never groomed anyone. In the tweet, the streamer also claimed that he couldn’t remember anything of what he had done in the past, so he wasn’t sure about what happened exactly.


Hashinshin started to excuse himself by saying that he couldn’t remember because of his mental illnesses and that he was making arrangements to check himself into a hospital because of a suicide attempt. While he received support from some of his fans, a lot of people stood with Caltys and asked Twitch to take strict measures.


The Streaming Community Calls Out Hashinshin


While Hashinshin posted those tweets, some famous League of Legends players and streamers, such as ‘IWillDominate’ and ‘VoyVoy,’ came forward and posted tweets and YouTube videos supporting the grooming claims made by Caltys, while also asking Twitch to ban Hashinshin immediately. These messages pointed to Hashinshin as a pedophile and a predator.


On July 22, 2020, Hashinshin posted that he hadn’t done anything illegal and that he was just ‘a shitty human.’ He also posted that he denied grooming because it was a crime.


Twitch Bans Hashinshin Permanently


Later on, that same day, Rod Breslau (@Slasher) posted via Twitter that Twitch decided to ban Robert ‘Hashinshin’ Brotz permanently because of the grooming allegations made over the past days.


Some hours later, Hashinshin himself confirmed this information while also apologizing and saying that he would ‘earn forgiveness.’ Some of the last tweets made by the player stated the following "Fair enough. I'll earn forgiveness. Put every bit of hate on me you can muster up, just be ready to see me later and say I've earned your forgiveness. I won't carry a grudge against any of you for anything you say now."




After Hashinshin’s ban, some other famous streamers, such as ‘SayNoToRage’, were also targeted because of alleged predatory behavior, resulting in Twitch banning these accounts too.