Infamous League of Legends Players

Professional personality is the heart and soul of any modern Esports. Unlike traditional sports, Esports pros create content outside of just playing the game. It’s not unusual to see professionals with streaming and YouTube careers. 


This allows them to create a cult of personality around themselves that carries over into the Esports world. This makes players capable of increasing their own worth, as teams are going to want to bring in the support that comes with signing a specific player. 


This focus on individualism is unique to the Esports world, and so offers up the chance for some genuinely infamous characters to come to light. Like any Esport, League is not exempt from this, so we’re going to establish some of the more notorious League of Legends players that have ever picked up a mouse. 




Cloud9’s old star mid-laner wasn’t always a darling of the competitive world. In fact, there was a time where he was actually banned for his behavior. 


Known back in the early 2010s for his toxic behavior towards other players, Jensen received a ban from all Riot affiliated LoL events after he admitted to participating in DDOS attacks against other high ELO players. 


The ban was introduced in 2013, but lifted two years later in 2015 after Jensen had been declared “reformed.”


Since then, he has seen a good bit of success in the LCS, but it’s interesting to know just how turbulent his origin was. 




Heading all the way back to the NA LCS in the early days of 2012, IWillDominate was one of those high skilled players predicted to do great things in the newly established competitive format. 


As the Jungler for fan-favorite Team Dignitas, it came as a shock when Riot handed down a one year ban to IWillDominate for what they deemed “a persistent tendency to engage in verbal abuse,” as well as implying that he had aggressive tendencies against players of a lower skill level. 


Although he returned after the ban in 2013, it is notable as one of the earliest instances of a high profile player being punished this severely for an issue that did not include cheating. 




Although not a pro player, Tyler1 was, and still is, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. He was mainly well known for his League streams, so it came as quite a shock when in 2016, he was banned for toxic behavior. 


While he was unbanned two years later, it was such a shock to the system to see someone of such high standing get hit with the ban hammer that we had to include it.