LOL – What is this?

League of Legends or LOL is a widely known Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA game which has just recently exploded online particularly in the gaming scene. The Riot Games published this game and was released in 2009 for PC and Mac. However, the Mac client closed down later on.

 LOL offers a standard 5v5 game mode that is available in other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games that pits 2 games against one another on a map called the Summoner’s Rift with a primary aim of destroying the enemy base or the Nexus.

The League of Legends has added a 3v3 option into the MOBA genre as well as introduced Dominion gameplay mode. In the Dominion, players are required to hold 5 objective points to reduce the enemies effectively. This particular game mode aims to create a faster-paced gameplay mode.

Riot Points

These are the currency available through credit or debit card, PayPal or the prepared Riot Point Game Cards. The Rio Points can conveniently unlock champions, rune pages and boosts (experience & influence points). Nevertheless, the Riot Points can be earned free of cost through several activities like referring friends to LOL.

Blue Essence

In League of Legends, this is the main currency that is given to players for playing the LOL game. The amount to be earned varies depending on various factors including summoner level, game results and number of bolts in League of Legends game. Influence Points or IP are commonly used when purchasing in-game items like runes and champions.

Ranked Matches  

These games are more like the standard games but with the exception that players are provided a ranking based on results of games. This is referred to as the ELO ranking system that is also being used in chess.

The different game systems behind LOL are the very reasons for its unrivalled success among MOBA game genre. This continues to take the online world by storm and increased numbers of gamers are getting hooked with League of Legends.