League of Legends – The Mystery of Doran

League of Legends (LoL) character Effrem E. Doran, better known as Doran, is a non-playable character in the popular multi-player PC game. This LoL character is the mastermind creator behind Wukong’s staff as well as Doran’s blade, ring, and shield.


It is believed that Doran had the ability to turn any ordinary artifact into something great. By the time Doran was 15 years old, he was given a chance to become a Master Artificer by the League; however, an accident involving his donkey would take this all away from him. His mind was no longer as it once was; however, what remained, even though permanently injured, was his desire to continue his artistry and passion as an artificer.


Doran’s creations are regularly selected throughout the game by Master tiered players.


What makes his artifacts so unique? We break down Doran’s creation and why they are genuinely unrivaled to other objects in the game.


Doran’s Blade – A starter item limited to the Summoner’s Rift, which is considered an alternate universe Marauders vs. Wardens. The Prospector’s blade replaced the Doran’s blade.


Doran’s Ring- This is a starter item that is also limited to the Summoner’s Rift and features a gold efficiency of 196.56%. The Prospector’s Ring eventually replaced Doran’s ring.


Doran’s Shield- Another starter item only found in the Summoner’s Rift, it has a gold efficiency of 95.41%. Its counterpart is the Guardian Horn, which can be found in Howling Abyss.


Doran’s Lost Idol – Unique to Nexus Blitz, Doran’s Lost Idol has a 252.29% gold efficiency.  As of January 2019, the Lost Idol has been removed from the game.


Doran’s Lost Shield – A starter item found in Nexus Blitz, Doran’s Lost Shield has two counterparts, the Summoner’s Rift, and the Howling Abyss. The shield has a recovery of +15 health regeneration per five seconds.


These are a few of Doran’s creations; however, two of the most notable ones are the helmet for Master Yi and Wukong’s staff.


Though Doran is not an option for players of LoL, his presence is still felt throughout the game and the various characters whom he has created items for. Some of Doran’s creations are exclusive to starters, while others are only attainable in certain worlds and skill level.


Still, very little is known about Effrem E. Doran as a character. The one thing that is certain about Doran is that he was destined for greatness but lost it all due to an injury.

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