League of Legends - What You Ought to Know

League of Legends or LOL is a well-known multiplayer battle arena online video game developed and exclusively published by the Riot Games for macOS and Microsoft Windows. This game tended to follow a freemium model and supported by the micro-transactions and was also inspired by Warcraft III.

LOL, players assume the role of an unseen summoner controlling a champion with special abilities and the battle against a team of other LOL players or those computer controlled champions. The usual goal is to destroy the Nexus of the opposing team, a structure which lies at the core of the base fully protected by the defensive structures though many other distinct modes also exist. Every LOL match is considered discrete, with the champions that start fairly week but continuously increasing in strength in terms accumulating experience and items all over the game. The setting and champions combine a variety of good elements such as steampunk, high fantasy and Lovecraftian horror.

This game was greatly accepted upon its release in 2009 and has grown in fame with such an expansive and active fan base. By the year 2012, particularly in July, LOL was one of the most played computer game in Europe and North America regarding the number of hours played. In 2014, more than 67 million individuals played LOL every month; 27 million every day and more than 7.5 million during peak hours. League also got the largest footprint of games in the streaming media communities and on other online platforms.

In 2016, there has been an estimate of more than 100 million active LOL players every month. The popularity of League of Legends has paved the way for expanding merchandise with apparel, toys and tie-ins to media through web series, music videos, books and documentaries.

League of Legends also has a widespread and active competitive scene. In Europe and North America, the Riot Games organized the League of Champion series or LCS. This is located in Berlin and Los Angeles that comprises of 10 expert teams in every continent.

The same regional competitions also exist in South Korea LCK, China LPL, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan and many other regions. These known regional competitions tend to culminate with yearly World Championship. The World Championship last year had 60 million viewers and a total prize pool of more than 4 million USD. The Mid-Season Invitational in 2018 got overall peak concurrent viewership of about 19.8 million, whereas the finals got an average viewership of 11 million.