Most Known League Boosters of All-Time

Elo boosting is a service that League of Legends players uses to increase their elo. Essentially, it is giving the highly skilled player access to your account. They play as you boost your standings. Often, boosting is a paid-for service. Some boosters are so good that they do this as a full-time job.


There is some speculation that boosting is illegal. This is not entirely the case unless you are in South Korea. Overall, you can get banned for being caught boosting; however, with that said, there is a lot of gray areas that don't make it very simple and clear cut.


The question stands, who are these boosters? Is every booster the same? The answer is no. Some boosters are better than others. Just as some characters are better to use for boosting.


Who Are the Best Boosters?


DOPA is known as one of the best Solo players and one of the most famous boosters. While many players change their champion pool to adapt to the situation, he never does, instead preferring to use the same pool. He was well known for boosting extremely low-ranking players, Bronze Five, all the way up to being number One Challenger. Interestingly, this got him banned from professional competitive games and tournaments. However, this did not stop him from boosting. Instead, he stopped playing competitively and moved solely to being a booster.


RATIRL was, at one time, the most famous boosters. He has moved away from boosting and is now a full time-streamer. However, before he rose to fame as the number one Twitch jungle, he gained notoriety from boosting. Most people found him to be a toxic player. The combination of undeniable skill and terrible attitude made him both revered and despised at the same time.


Jensen is another player who received a temporary ban for boosting. His professional career was put on hold and had to wait until season five to be reinstated. Jensen started out boosting in solos but eventually graduated to boosting teams. This is a rare occurrence and earned him some extra fame. Today, he has moved on from boosting and plays on a professional team.


Best Characters for Boosting


When playing LoL, different characters are used for various purposes. The same is true when players are getting boosted. This is partly because boosters often have their own preferences. However, there are a few characters used by just about every booster.


Katarina is a favorite amongst boosters but may not be for amateur players. While her passive skills allow her to do well alone, she requires quick thinking and swift reactions. Highly skilled players so very well with Katarina.


Riven has excellent mechanics, which is why boosters love her. She can win, even outnumbered, which makes her famous for both boosters and lower-skilled players.


Jax is another preferred character. This is because he is a late-game character. He can come back from the brink and then dominate until the end of the game.


Boosting is a popular option for many. Enlist the help of a booster and watch how quickly your elo can rise