The Best League of Legends Teams

The world of competitive League of Legends is full to the brim of unbelievable talent. 


With over 30 million dollars having been given out in prize funding alone, the Esport draws some of the most skillful MOBA players from around the globe to its battlefield. 


Competitive League of Legends is broken up into six different regions. 


  • Europe 


  • North America


  • Brazil


  • China


  • Korea


  • Southeast Asia. 


Each of these regions has a competitive style unique to them and individual rankings.


Listed below are the number one team in each region as of December 2019, as well as some information about them.


Europe: G2 Esports


The current number one team in Europe is the well-known G2 Esports.


As well as being Europe’s finest, G2 is also the second most talented team in the entire world.


Their win/loss record is 161/8/85, with a win rate of 63% as of writing this. 


This impressive win/loss history has won the organization $2,379,564 dollars so far.


Their world-class roster consists of:


  • Perkz


  • Jankos


  • Wunder


  • Thebausffs


  • Mikyx


North America: Team Liquid


The top North American team is Team Liquid.


They have a humble, yet incredibly impressive global ranking of 10.


Their win/loss ratio stands at 249/0/199, with a rate of 56%.


Their winnings total $995,464 dollars.


Their current roster is:




  • Doublelift


  • Xmithie


  • CoreJJ


  • Jensen


Brazil: KaBuM! Esports


KaBuM! Esports is currently the number one ranked team in Brazil. 


They have a relatively modest global ranking of 18, for a game dominated by Koreans and Europeans this ranking is nothing to scoff at. 


Their win/loss ratio stands at 64/10/57. They have a win rate of 49%.


They have earned a pretty sum of $179,918 dollars.


Their current roster consists of:


  • Dynquedo


  • Ranger




  • Thruizao


  • Disave


  • DudsTheBoy


  • Ceos



China: FunPlus Phoenix


FunPlus Phoenix is a current powerhouse that is dominating the Chinese scene. 


Not only are they the best team in China, but they are also the number one ranked team in the world.


They are a relatively new team, with a win/loss record of 59/0/33. Their current win rate stands at 64%


The low number of games played has not stopped them winning a whopping $1,129,538 dollars.


Their roster is made up of:


  • GimGoon


  • Lwx


  • Crisp


  • Doinb




Korea: SK Telecom T1


SK Telecom T1 are juggernauts in the Korean professional League of Legends scene.


They have a world ranking of three, putting them just behind G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix.


They are a long-standing team with a record of 222/1/80, and a massive 73% win ratio.


The win ratio isn’t the only ludicrous stat for this team, their winnings are also absolutely insane. They have earned $5,663,454 dollars over the time the team has been competing.


As it stands, their roster is:


  • Faker








  • Crazy-lol 


Southeast Asia: J Team


J Team holds the top spot in the Southeast Asia region.


They have a global ranking of 12.


Their win/loss ratio is an impressive 70/4/47, with a win percentage of 58%.


They have won $169,978 dollars in prize money so far.


At this moment in time, their roster is:


  • FoFo


  • JT Breaker


  • Rest


  • Ysera


  • Lilv