The Story of Doublelift

Yiliang Peng, better known as "Doublelift" has been on everyone's lips since the creation of League of Legends. This young star is back in the spotlight, playing among the best young talents in the gaming scene. The young talented gamer has made a name for himself with seven NA LCS titles to his credit. He created an impressive and brilliant gaming career. In this article, we discover more about the Doublelift story.


Early Career


Peter "Doublelift" Peng is regarded as among the top players in the League of Legends in North America and a leading AD carry. He was born and raised in Mission Viejo, California. He described himself as a socially isolated kid.


During his childhood, he used to spend most of his time playing video games. His parents didn't accept his way of living. Regularly, they used to undergo heated debates.


Through his older brother, Peng discovered about League of Legends and instantly started playing the game. Peng decided to pursue a career in pro gaming.


He even complained of his parents throwing him out when he returned home from a tournament in Sweden. He was homeless and without a degree. Therefore, he decided to become a real Pro gamer so that he can live on that. Luckily, he started working for Curse Gaming as a guide editor and made a good living.


Personal Life


Dota was the first game he ever played. Also, he used to enjoy playing World of Warcraft and Newerth's Heroes. The young player by Doublelift's identity began as a support player during his earliest League of Legends days. Doublelift never really received the encouragement he deserved from his parents, despite being super-talented. Peng seemed socially anxious when he first joined his team. He freely affirmed this in his Reddit AMA.


Overall, he is immensely thankful for Epik Gamer as he feels that he would never have become a professional player without his guidance and support.


Soon after, he was hosted by the famous Travis Gafford. As one of his biggest fans during Dreamhack Season One, he agreed to receive him for free while he maintains his career as a pro gamer. He even taught him how to become a man with responsibilities.


Doublelift's Professional Career


Having received a more than tempting proposition from Counter Logic Gaming, he joined the HotShotGG lineup in early 2011. He is overwhelmed by money and fame.


In early 2018, Peng was eventually able to find his way and set up his life. Since joining Team Liquid, Doublelift took them to their first finals.


A few days before the final game, reports emerged that his older brother Yihong stabbed his mother and seriously injured his father. The news affected Doublelift, but he didn't get dropped out of the finals and saw Team Liquid defeat 100Thieves and win their first NA LCS. Doublelift gained a record of 16 victories.


Also, it is widely assumed that Doublelift is worth more than three million dollars. He is one of the wealthiest professionals in the gaming industry.


In late 2017, this NA expert was listed as a replacement for Team Liquid. Early in 2018, he managed to represent Team Liquid full time.


Final Thoughts


The story of Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng is touching and full of twists and turns. You can feel the pain in his voice when he talks about his past and his family. His career has been hard and challenging for the young professional. However, it reveals that his path is not over yet.