The Story of Reckful: Who Was He?

Byron Daniel Bernstein isn’t a name that most people know. However, his online alias was Reckful, and it was a name people recognized and cheered. This man was born in 1989 and passed away in July of 2020. He’s an American streamer on Twitch and used to play Esports professionally.


Bernstein was Jewish, as was his whole family. In fact, he had two brothers named Gary and Guy, both older than him. Guy, the eldest brother, committed suicide back in 1995. This led Bernstein to have bouts with depression, and ultimately, he followed his older brother and committed suicide himself in 2020.


Professional Career


Bernstein, or Reckful if you prefer, was part of the World of Warcraft game. He finished in top place for a full six seasons. In fact, he reached a 3,000 rating first and ended up winning the World of Warcraft 2010 tournament from Major League Gaming.


A year later, in 2011, Bernstein released his own gaming movie called Reckful 3. Within a single week, it reached over one million views. As of his death on July 2, 2020, the video now has about six million views. Later, he ended up winning the WarcraftMovies content for the top-skilled movie-maker. Players ultimately cast their votes of who should be dubbed the player of the year. This award made him fall even harder into the world of video games.


In 2012, Bernstein became the operations manager, developer, and concept designer for Feenix, which is a gaming mouse company. Later that year, in October, he created a YouTube channel. However, it was another month before he released his first video to the streaming website. It was called Reckful 5: Stack Taste for Blood.


Of course, he didn’t stop there. Though there isn’t much known about him between 2012 and 2017, he was hard at work playing poker and streaming his videos. This is what made him a lot of money.


In 2016, Bernstein entered the Unibet Open London poker event. He enjoyed playing poker, but he wasn’t ready for the big leagues. Ultimately, he lost quickly and got knocked out of the seat. Then, in November of 2017, Bernstein played at a charity poker event, which was sponsored by PokerGO. ItsHafu won the competition.


During the same year (2017), Berstein was ranked as a top 10 richest streamers in the world. The Gazette Review ranked him fourth in the list. Though no one knows for sure, Bernstein self-claims that he had a net worth of around $1.5 million. Also, he got about 50,000 viewings per stream.


In mid-2018, Bernstein released a podcast that featured long-form interviews with a variety of guests from the streaming and gaming communities. It was called Tea Time with Byron, and it was quite popular. In fact, he had Hikaru Nakamura and Pokimane as guests. There were six episodes released, and the last one aired in March of 2020.


At the time of his death, Reckful was working on an MMO. Called Everland, no one is sure what it was about, other than it focused on the Everland game.

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