The Success behind LoL

League of Legends or LOL is one of the gaming industry’s mammoths. In 2014, about 27 million active daily players were cited. The numbers are expected to go higher. So how did League of Legends achieve its huge success?

  • Ladders and Rankings Provide Players with Something to Aspire and Even to Brag About


League of Legends has a ranking system that allows you to jump into the different ranks when you have achieved a particular ratio of wins versus losses. Players will then play rank to be able to account for skill level. The players can also choose to play without joining the system that allows gamers to enjoy and have fun.


  • Team Dynamics Tend to Incentivize Players to Encourage and Recruit their Friends- A Great Team Wins Added Games


LOL game is a team game with 3v3 or 5v5 format. Though you can use solo or duo queue options when playing with strangers, the moment you begin playing with LOL, you are going to want to join a team or create one yourself. of friends communicating well and understanding each other’s style is expected to do better than a team comprised of strangers. Also, as soon as you start playing with friends, you will receiving invitations from other friends to play even more.


  • The Fame, Fortune, Glamour


League of Legends is ultimately exciting to play and watch. has significantly developed a highly competitive gaming scene combined with prize pools that reach millions. from different countries of the world that have established a and are also sponsored by bigger companies. They often play in stadiums loaded with fans that are described by some as rock stars of the world.

League of Legends success is significantly brought about by many different contributing factors. This got excellent features, can be easily played and highly competitive. There are lots of notable and impressive aspects about League of Legends that genuinely captivate the attention and interest of millions of gamers.

No wonder  this is such a popular and highly sought for especially among the latest generations. The success of League of Legends mainly relies on the countless gamers patronizing the game. They are the ones behind the continuing success and popularity of League of Legends. Play now and have fun.