The Tribunal System of League of Legends

Like most online games, everyone plays to have a good time. Unfortunately, sometimes things get out of hand, and a player crosses a line. Years ago, Riot Games came up with a way to solve this problem. That solution was the tribunal system. 


What Was the Tribunal System of League of Legends?


The Tribunal System of League of Legends (LoL) was meant to hand out discipline to players who violated the rules. Interestingly, the Tribunal was made up of other LoL players. When someone reported a violation, members of the Tribunal were able to review the case and see if the player did indeed do something wrong. This was the game creator’s way of letting the players act as a community to decide how the game should be played.


When a player was reported, numerous members of the Tribunal would review the case. The overwhelming majority of the Tribunal had to agree on a guilty verdict before a judgment was handed out. The player receives a form of discipline from basic punishment to a temporary ban to a permanent ban.


Is It Ever Coming Back?


Several years ago, the tribunal system was removed from the game. Currently, players can still report violators but clicking on the red exclamation mark at the end of a session. However, guilty or innocent verdicts are no longer decided by a group of peers. Instead, it is determined based on an algorithm. It takes into account the number of players who complained, how often the players have been reported, and why they were reported. While the system is not an exact science, it does take care of the job quickly. 


Presently, there are no plans to bring back the Tribunal. Instead, players report an issue at the end of a game session. Since every move in the game is logged, including chats, it is reasonably easy for the new system to take action. If even negative boxes are checked, the player gets the guilty verdict. 


Is the Game Better with It?


When it comes to the Tribunal, there is a debate on whether or not the game is better without it. Overall, cases are heard much quicker because they do not require actual people to judge them. However, when the human element of the decision is removed, some details may be lost. This can be both a negative and a positive point, depending on how you look at it. 


Some players feel that it is essential to have other players properly review the complaint. An avid player is better able to determine whether or not the complainant was out of line. This sometimes results in no conviction when they feel one was warranted. On the other hand, those who get reported think that the process is fairer. Many players believe they are playing within the rules and that their violations fall within the rules.


Mainly, it comes down to personal preference. Since the Riot Games shows no signs of bringing the Tribunal back, that’s how it will stay for the foreseeable future.