Voice Comms in League of Legends

When you start to queue up in League of Legends, there’s one important trait that you need to have. Play to win and only focus on yourself as a player.


Assuming you’re well versed in the community, by the time you decide to play League competitively, this trait shouldn’t  come as a surprise; however, it’s always important to remind yourself of this during times you get tilted, in order to maximize your chances of winning.


Today, we’ll take a look at an oftentimes underrated method to potentially win more in solo-queue: using voice comms!


Despite continual discussion among the community since the beginning of ranked queue, Riot has yet to implement a built-in voice chat for League of Legends.


That being said, to some this doesn’t hold them back from needing to communicate in ranked, and as a result you may see a player link their discord server to the team from time to time.


The question is though, should you join?


There are a couple of reasons why it could be considered especially advantageous to join a discord channel in solo-queue.


Namely, considering that most people don’t do this, you’re giving you and your team a competitive edge over the enemy.


While it could be argued that pings and typing in chat could amount to the similar effect of having communication, it’s obvious that real time voice communication between teammates is not only faster, but more effective.


It should also be noted that in addition to having voice communication, being able to hear your teammates' voices humanizes the experience of competing with them. This, in many ways, can eliminate the toxicity that usually ensues in League when people criticise each other.


It’s all too easy to forget that the people you’re playing with are actual humans, and having a voice chat is a good reminder for that.


In addition to having the competitive edge, creating or utilizing a discord server while you play solo queue gives you the opportunity to network yourself with potential duo partners or friends.


You could install bots, such as a discord music bot or many others to use while spending time with others in call. In all, there are a multitude of benefits in using a discord server or any other form of voice communication while ranking up in League, and therefore it’s not just recommended, but encouraged.