What to Expect from Season 11 in League of Legends

New seasons are always something to be excited about in League of Legends. A new season implies new features, balance changes, and in some cases, new interfaces and maps. In 2020, it's the turn of League of Legends Season 11 to shine, and from what we've seen so far, it's packed with new and exciting features for players to enjoy.


Since there is only once season each year, LoL players are eager to see what Riot has to offer. The company has given players some sneak peeks as to what to expect, so in this article, we're going to go through these new changes and how they can affect your gameplay and overall experience.


When is Season 11 Coming?


There's no official release date for season 11, so it's up to players to speculate according to the previous years' releases. Season 10 started on January 10, 2020, so it's likely to see a December 2020-January 2021 release for season 11. As we get closer to those months, we may probably get more news regarding the release of this new LoL season.


What Are the Biggest Changes?


There have been many new features announced as of today, but the biggest one has definitely been a complete rework of the item interface and the introduction of "Mythic" items. It's safe to say that the following season focuses on itemization and how it can benefit current and new players.


New Item Interface


The current item interface isn't bad by any means, but it has gone through many seasons without being completely changed. According to Riot, the company plans to rework the entire item shop to help beginners choose their items more efficiently. This doesn't mean that the company forgot about advanced players; they still are getting a separate tab with all the items so that they can purchase their desired items more quickly.


Mythic Items


Mythic items are a new category of items that players can purchase within each game. These unique items are supposed to have significant effects on your champion and their playstyle, granting you special bonus stats to other completed items. 


However, not all Mythic items are new. Riot Developer Mark Yetter revealed that some old items are being re-branded with the "Mythic" label. Regardless, we're still getting a lot of new items. It's also worth noting that each class can get either three or four Mythic items per champion. As of today, they're still being developed, but they're looking as a great game-changer for many players.


Balance Changes


As with every season update, season 11 is getting many balance changes that affect gameplay directly. One of the more recently announced changes is the "Cooldown Reduction" changes in the "Haste" ability, which allows for more linear scaling. Some items such as "Mortal Reminder" and "Frozen Heart" are also getting a few changes to make them more balanced.


There are still many changes remaining to be seen, so it's important that you stay updated with the latest news on League of Legends.




Keep in mind that all the new features are still in development, and they're subject to change at any time. Regardless of the release date, season 11 is looking like a unique and fresh update to LoL, bringing many new things for players to use and improve their experience.