Why Purchase League of Legends Smurf Accounts?

You are probably one of the many individuals out there wondering why you must buy LOL account if you can obtain one for free. The truth is, there is no such thing as free LOL accounts. There are usually many reasons people choose to purchase League of Legends accounts instead of creating one themselves. These reasons are as follows:

  • It’s Faster Than Leveling in a Natural Way


One of the biggest reasons to purchase LOL account is that this saves them time . Currently, you will need 20, 042 XP make it to level 30. Without booster packs such as ELO, the game will give an average in every match. means that you will need over 90 hours to get into level 30 considering that each at least about 25 minutes.


  • Get More BE and RP


Many people purchased LOL account with added benefits of BE and RP. Every account comes with about 20,000 BE that is enough to purchase three legendary champions. Each champion will cost around 6 300 BE which means that you’ll save more time farming champions. Just purchase the legendary champions for the role that you‘re interested in, and you’re done.


If you purchase new LOL account, you can change role easily and the legendary champions . If you a League of Legends account, you can all the that you want, you’ll also have your original with different champs and roles.


  • Switch Regions a Lot Easier


Another biggest reason why you should buy LOL account is to switch regions easily. EUW is presently the most competitive region when it comes to skills, many would want to battle and play with players coming from this region to test their abilities and skills. If you are living in Europe and playing on EU west servers, then you can’t play with players in the US who are playing on servers. Some that this seems unfair.


  • Save Money


Most of the LOL smurf accounts usually come with 20,000+ BE. Use your BE to purchase third-tier legendary champions, every third-tier champ retails for 3,150 BE or 790 RP. equates to around 4, 740 R that’s about $36. The cost of LOL smurf account is less than $30. means that you will be saving more amount of money.

These are just a few of the money good reasons to purchase LOL smurf accounts.