Why You Should Buy LOL Smurf Accounts

League of Legends (LOL) did not win the Best eSports Game category in The Game Awards 2019 for no good reason. It's one of the biggest eSports games in the world today, with worldwide tournaments taking place annually. It's not surprising, then, that people all over the world spend time, energy, and money to get ahead in the game.

In this online battle landscape, one player account may not be enough. As you progress in your competitions and level up your champions, there comes the point when you want more than what you are experiencing at the moment. You want to showcase other gaming skills and endeavor to add variety to your LOL voyage. This part is where a Smurf account comes in.


What is a Smurf Account?


A Smurf account is simply a separate account that a player has apart from his Main account. It has been around since the 1990s when online gaming proliferated and has become increasingly popular since. Players usually create a Smurf account to start anew and try the game from a new perspective. Sometimes, when you have already built a reputation, you want to break away from it and vary your game landscape, so you create a Smurf account.


Why should you Buy LOL Smurf Accounts?


If you can create another account free of charge, why is there an option to buy LOL Smurf accounts? Read on to know the many benefits of choosing this alternative.

They buy you time

Before your LOL journey gets to the level of “serious gaming,” you have to be at least Level 30 to participate in ranked games. This level is where your triumph in LOL starts to take off. If you attain 90 experience points for every 25-minute game, you will need over a hundred hours of non-stop gaming to be able to join ranked games. However, if you buy LOL Smurf accounts, you skip this process altogether. Typically, Smurf accounts for sale are already ranked-ready, so there's no need for you to start from scratch. This feature affords you the focus that you need on your ranked games rather than burning time in working your way up again.

Also, they bring down queue times for skilled gamers as LOL rewards players who spend the most time in the game. If you buy LOL Smurf accounts that are already ranked, you don't need to wait very long for your games to start.

They save you money

As any LOL gamer will attest to, to succeed in this game will require you not only to spend time but real money. If you want to level up quickly, you can buy an XP boost from the store. This way, you get to reach Level 30 and join the ranked games where the fun begins. But, choosing to buy LOL Smurf accounts instead, will save you money. If you add up all the big bucks you’ve spent on XP boost, you will find out that it’s a lot more pricey than if you have just purchased a Smurf account that’s already at Level 30. It’s not cheap to buy LOL Smurf accounts, but it’s a better value for money than funding your way up the ladder again. Also, sellers of Smurf accounts offer more than just a Level 30 Summoner. You can buy an account with additional perks such as RP and BE, which you can use to purchase a lot of stuff in the game.

When you buy LOL Smurf accounts, they already come with champions apart from other benefits, so you save money from having to purchase them yourself.

They provide you game variety

If you have been playing LOL for a while, and have demonstrated your gaming prowess a whole bunch of times to a whole lot of people, you may feel the need to add variety to your LOL journey, or maybe take a break from all the calibrated matches.

If you buy LOL Smurf accounts, you can play with your friends who are still in the lower ranks. You can choose the level of your Summoner and enjoy varied game mechanics other than the one you have in your main account.

You can also try different regions when you buy LOL Smurf accounts and get to experience the distinct playstyle of people from different countries. LOL restricts players in specific areas based on the servers that provide games in a particular country, say, in North America or Europe. When you're in the NA servers, you don't get to play with gamers in the EU west. With a paid Smurf account, though, you can choose which servers you want to play.

With your Smurf accounts, you can also try various rune builds that customize your champ and your playstyle. In your main account, you can only have up to 6 rune pages, but there is an option to spend $20 to expand it to 7. If you buy LOL Smurf accounts, though, you can try out various rune builds specialized for your character's role in each account.

They let you enjoy perks

In the game, you can customize your Summoner’s aesthetics to your specific style. Smurf accounts typically come with skins that you can apply to your champion to improve your game movement and animation. To obtain these, you have to go on quests and complete them to gain rewards. These do not earn you a competitive advantage, but they will improve your Summoner’s overall look.

You also enjoy the freebies that come when you buy LOL Smurf accounts that include BE and RP along with your champions.

They allow you to recalibrate from losses

At times, you experience damaging losses in your calibrating matches due to trolls who are not dead set on winning. If you buy LOL Smurf accounts, you can log out and recover from your defeat and log in to another Smurf account to try again. If you have multiple accounts, you can focus on the one where you have achieved better ranks. This scenario is similar to being trapped in a particular ELO, thanks to players like the one earlier mentioned and sheer bad luck. With your ranked Smurf account that’s already at Level 30 and with enough champions, you get right back in the game and strive to get in an ELO you rightfully deserve.

They give you control over your games

With a purchased Smurf account, you gain control over your game strategy by allowing you to focus on the things that you have already established as an LOL player. There is no need for you to wait for your champions to unlock since your Smurf account already has them.

As mentioned earlier, going on quests allows you to gain rewards such as skins and BE depending on which paths you choose on the pursuit. Upon finishing, you have to wait for the following quests or maybe events if there are upcoming ones. When you buy LOL Smurf accounts, however, you get to re-do the same journey and follow a different path, obtaining different rewards. This way, you get to see all likelihoods in the same quests, and you have control over which rewards you want to work with in your accounts. This scenario holds for other rewards from quests as well, such as the Hextech Chest, which may include skins, champs, and BEs. This reward unlocks every week, but if you cannot wait that long, you can log in to your Smurf accounts and get more.

Another aspect of the game where you can exert control over is your Summoner’s name. With 80 million players all over the world, chances are, another player already took the Summoner's name that you want for your champion. At times, in your haste to start the game, you type in whatever name, and it goes through, but it isn't your best option. LOL allows you to alter this for a fee, but if you buy LOL Smurf accounts, you can pay the same amount and get more benefits. You get to change your Summoner’s name and enjoy all the benefits previously discussed.

They give you protection

Lastly, when you have Smurf accounts, you have a backup option when something goes wrong, and for whatever reason, you lose your main account. You don't have to sulk and stop playing. You log on to your Smurf account and get right back in the game. When you buy LOL Smurf accounts, you are protecting yourself from being invested in a single account. Apart from the benefits above mentioned, such as enjoying the variety and perks, and giving you control, your Smurf accounts guard you against account loss by providing several options in whatever eventuality. 


Should you Buy LOL Smurf Accounts?


With all the benefits mentioned earlier, it goes without saying that to buy LOL Smurf accounts is the way to go if you want to move ahead and succeed in your LOL journey. If you are a seasoned LOL player, it doesn't hurt to venture into another territory and try various game mechanics through your Smurf accounts. The cost of buying them is worth every penny.