Why You Should Main One Champion in LoL

Everybody knows an Ahri one-trick that hogs up mid lane and ponders to themselves: why relegate yourself to only one champion? There are over 148 champions in League of Legends as of right now, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of maining only one of them? Obviously, the main disadvantage that comes to mind is that your experience in LoL is primarily limited to one or two lanes and not knowing what every champion is capable of from experience. However, the advantages of being a one-trick pony can outweigh this disadvantage.


The number one advantage of maining just one champion in League of Legends is that you aren’t dividing your experience and time to several champions. The adage “jack of all trades, master of none” is true in League of Legends. If you don’t focus on a few champions or just one, then you’re becoming decent on several characters and not just one that can carry you in ranked games. As ranked games are the primary game mode in mind, you need a champion that can net you wins, so having one champion you main and understand is a huge benefit that cannot be understated.


Another advantage to maining one champion in League of Legends is that you can more easily remember your damage numbers, combos, escapes, etc.. This means that if you face the same champion in a game, and you main them and your opponent doesn’t, then you have the immediate advantage. Carrying a game gets you the win, and a win is the most important thing to get from a ranked game.


A minor advantage you can get from being a one-trick master is that your experience with the champion allows you to experiment more with builds. Most new players to a champion try out the meta build (and usually without understanding why), so your experience in that champion can allow you to explore more options in your itemization. You can try out counterbuilding more as you eventually understand the nooks and crannies of how your champion works.


Not only that, but it’s more impressive being the number 2 Teemo in the world than just another person in the Challenger rank. The sense of pride in being one of the best of a specific champion is also enhanced when that champion is meta. When a champion is integral to a meta and you main him or her, then you can go on huge winning streaks, thus making your overall rank in LoL a lot better than before.


Finally, the final advantage to note is that you can advise other players trying out that champion. If a friend of yours wants to play Miss Fortune and you know how she plays down to a tee, then the advice you can give to your friend is more valuable than a random person who has 20 minutes on her. Likewise, if you wish to play a new champion and your friend mains him or her, then your pal can give you advice to help you get better.


Just remember, it is better to master one champion than to be mediocre in several. Your best chance of climbing up through the ranks is through you playing to the best of your capabilities, and what better way is it than to have a champion you main and excel at? You can find camaraderie with other mains of the champion you choose, and through vigorous gameplay, your knowledge of matchups can improve and make up for the lack of experience of playing those champions.