Best Carries in League of Legends: Who Inflicts Tons of Damage?

Though carries can be unassuming at the start of a match, they can quickly become the most powerful contributors to a game. Therefore, it can be critical to find the right carry based on their abilities and what roles you need to fill—whether playing in Wild Rift or on the standard PC mode. However, not all roles are the same and neither are the characters you can choose.

Continue reading to learn which characters we think are the best carries for maximized destruction and a better contribution to your team.

Top Lane - Fiora

Dealing lots of damage, Fiora is an excellent split pusher who takes advantage of her intelligence to assume towers quickly. In a one-on-one matchup, she consistently performs well by delivering damage to the opponent’s health percentage. Some of her abilities include:

  • Her Duelist’s dance
  • Bladework
  • Lunge
  • Grand Challenge

As a hyper-carry, Fiora can help ensure damage later in the game for a dependable top-lane outcome.

Jungle - Master Yi

Master Yi rarely appears in professional play, but normal matchups can use the Wuju Bladesman in their solo queues for a better chance at inflicting damage. His abilities include:

  • Wuju style
  • Alpha strike
  • Double strike
  • Meditate

The character can teleport through the battlefield without being a target while dealing damage to opponents. With more than a 27 percent ban rate, Master Yi is one of the more successful players in the Jungle position, causing a stir in the one-on-one game mode.

Mid Lane - Zed

The leader of the Order of the Shadow, Zed is an epic character in the mid-lane who deals an impressive number of kills as a carry. Getting one kill with Zed can lead to many more because of the skills he possesses, such as:

  • Death mark
  • Shadow slash
  • Contempt for the weak

Another reason Zed is so great for the mid lane is that his kit is easy to understand, which is perfect for LoL players of all experience levels. Considering the damage he can inflict, the ratio of his skillset to players’ learning curve is unmatched. His character maintains an impressive 37 percent ban rate in the role. The next highest ban rate for the mid lane is 16 percent.

Bot Lane - Jinx

Jinx is most notable for her personality, which heavily influences her gameplay. Many players know her for her excitement, which leads to her enhanced abilities:

  • Move speed
  • Attack speed

Resultingly, she is a great pick to carry the bottom lane and deal the most damage. Her excitement is what leads to wreaking havoc without fear of consequences. Her win percentage is more than 50 percent, which are great odds to have when collecting as much gold as possible.

Support - Thresh

You need someone who can tie everything together for the support role. Thresh is the perfect carry for support as roaming abilities help generate more kills and more destruction. Some of his other abilities include:

  • Dark passage
  • Damnation
  • Flay

Thresh’s Q can help target enemies and deal more damage, especially in the early game. If you are skilled at doing this, you can even attempt to target your opponent’s carry for a better advantage.

Which Role Is the Hardest to Carry?

Most LoL players can agree that Jungle is the hardest role to carry. Whoever has to kill neutral monsters gets placed in the area with no lanes or bases. As a result, Jungle comes with a handful of responsibilities that could determine the match outcome, putting a lot of pressure on them.

Who Is the Best Carry Overall?

Karthus, known for his villainous nature, is often considered the best carry overall. He is recognized as the harbinger of Oblivion with the most damage within the Platinum+ ranks.

This playable character maintains an impressive damage average, especially in the Jungle. Alongside his match performances, Karthus upholds an astounding win percentage.

The character’s abilities to defend and destroy in gameplay are not surprising considering the powers he possesses. These include:

  • Defying death
  • Lay waste
  • Wall of Pain

As a result, you can expect intense damage with this character in your matchups who not only protects your base but also inflicts tons of damage on your opponent.