Boost your ELO with awareness

MAP awareness is an important basic skill in League of Legends. To become a high ELO player at the game and reach the division where you can play with the best, first you have to create a strong basic skill set you can build on. Map awareness must be one of those skills to succeed in the higher tiers of the game. Map awareness makes it possible to control the game. More importantly, it can make it possible to win a game. The more you know about the position of the enemy jungler and players, the better you can position yourself on your lane, and judge your actions knowing more than your enemy knows. By maintaining map awareness, you are making a huge step towards controlling your game, which is inevitable in order to win most of the games in League of Legends.

Developing map awareness

The simple way to start is, to give more importance to the mini-map on the bottom of your screen. Some people only check it when a teammate pings it. You have to work on that habit. Top master and challenger players, like the ELO boosters at at BoostRoyal, check the minimap as frequent as possible. That means that some of them even give it a look after each last-hit! They do so in order to determine their right course of action in the following time period. By every team member getting the most usefulness out of the minimap equals strong team map awareness in the game. By acquiring such knowledge over the game, you and your team slowly get more and more control over it. For example you can roam through the enemy jungle and move wherever you and your time would like to on the map, you know that you gained almost full control. Now the game is in your hands. You can whether throw it or win it.