Deep Dive into Champion Updates: From Ahri to Varus

There are currently over 164 LoL champions you can play with, and Riot Games is planning on adding more every year. Even though we have quite a decent selection of champions to choose from, some old ones aren’t getting the love they deserve.

Games like League of Legends get updates constantly to ensure they’re still fun and dynamic. As a game released in 2009, it’s surprising that LoL is still one of the most played games of all time.

One of the most effective measures the developers take to keep the game fun is to update the champions. When a champion gets an update, you can expect them to get used a lot more as they become more efficient in the current meta.

Today, we’ll look at the most iconic champion updates of all time, from simple visual reworks to complete overhauls that changed how you could play with your favorites!

What’s the Difference Between Regular Patches and Champion Updates?​​​​​​​

It’s easy to miss the difference between a patch and an update, so we’ll clear that up first.

A patch is meant to address particular issues or vulnerabilities. When it comes to League of Legends, you can expect the patch to affect items, champions, or the game’s mechanics. If a champion gets patched, it could be because it’s too weak or overpowered in the current meta.

Regarding champions, you’ll often see small adjustments to their stats, whether it’s to their attack speed, HP, mana, etc.

An update, however, suggests a more “in-depth” adjustment to the game. When a champion gets updated, you can expect three different types of adjustments:

  • Visual Gameplay Updates: They are meant to change a champion’s visuals, abilities, and even lore in some cases.
  • Comprehensive Gameplay Updates: They change or redefine a champion’s ability kit. These updates don’t necessarily change their visuals.
  • Midscope Updates: They are “partial” reworks meant to change a few champion mechanics to modernize them.

Regardless of the type of update, these always put certain champions back in the spotlight. If you check LoL tier lists frequently, you will notice how some champions get to the top as soon as they get updated.

Why Do Some Champions Get Updated?​​​​​​​

Champion updates come for many reasons. Most of the time, Riot reworks certain elements to modernize them. Remember this game is over 10 years old, so some champions are likely to lose popularity and/or effectiveness.

To summarize, champions get updated because:

  • They’re not getting used.
  • They’re too weak.
  • They’re too overpowered.
  • They don’t fit the game’s current visuals.

Iconic Champion Updates You Can’t Miss

Let’s look at some of the most amazing updates/reworks some LoL champions have gotten over the past few months and years!


Ahri is one of the few champions who has experienced an ASU (Art and Sustainability Update). It came right after Caitlyn’s update (which was also a long-awaited one). As one of the older champions of the game, it’s not surprising to see this one getting a huge visual upgrade.

In this case, Ahri’s gameplay or lore didn’t get touched as much. People got a new splash art and in-game model. Moreover, all of her skins were reworked to fit the new visuals.


Fiddlesticks’ update was called by many one of the most effective ones in the game. Before, it was not a very interesting champion, and it didn’t even have lore to investigate, making it “boring” compared to others.

However, his 2020 update reworked/revamped all of his abilities except for the ultimate. His new passive now allows him to place a decoy instead of a trinket. What made it different was the fact that it activated once the enemy was close and that it could act as a control ward once the champion reached level 6.


Urgot was, without a doubt, one of the weirdest champions in LoL. It didn’t make too much sense for players until it got reworked.

Besides his needed visual upgrade, Urgot also got a revamped kit that made this long-range juggernaut a fan-favorite shortly after he got updated.


Varus was first released in 2012, making him a little over a decade old today. Thankfully, the team at Riot gave him a visual update back in 2021. His base skin got a complete overhaul, whereas his skins got minimal tweaks to fit the new visuals.

If you love Varus, then you’ll be happy to know it recently got a voice update too!


Swain’s update completely changed how you used him. While his general kit got an update, the most significant change came for his ultimate, which now allows him to keep it active as long as he’s draining health from his enemies.


Udyr lovers were craving an update for a while, and when they finally got it, nothing was stopping this champion.

Besides getting a deserved revamped look, the champion’s kit also went under a few changes, making him more effective in the game.

Other amazing updates worth mentioning include:

  • Poppy
  • Mordekaiser
  • Warwick
  • Nunu and Willump
  • Sion

Are There Any Upcoming Updates to Champions in 2023?

Yes! Riot Games is always working to update champions and make most of them usable in the meta.

Some champions that may expect an update include:

  • Jax
  • Skarner
  • Lee Sin
  • Teemo

As for when these updates are coming, we’ll just have to keep an eye out for any Riot Games statements.

Bottom Line – Learn More About League of Legends Here!​​​​​​​

League of Legends is one of the most exciting and competitive games out there, so it can be hard to miss some of these updates.

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