How Much Is My LoL Account Worth? | Factors That Affect Value

Are you a League of Legends (LoL) fan? In that case, you might be wondering what your LoL account is worth.

Many gamers hoping to enjoy an immersive gaming experience don’t want to go through the trouble of having to build their own profiles but prefer to purchase appealing accounts with rare items, a high rank, and other attractive qualities.

If you want to sell your account, it’s important to first determine what it is worth.

However, the truth is that estimating the value of your account before making a sale involves a closer look at various factors, such as your in-game experience, rare skins, and more.

In this article, we will provide an overview of these elements to help you determine what your League of Legends account is worth.

Experience and Account Level

Your LoL account level is a key factor in determining its worth. Earning points for experience during battles and leveling up not only demonstrates your dedication but also uncovers a variety of goodies, like Blue Essence and Mastery tokens.

The higher your account level, the greater your experience as a player, which adds to the total value of the account.

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Rare Cosmetic Items

If you have accumulated a large number of rare items, the chances are that your account will be valued more.

League of Legends provides a variety of decorative items, including wards, icons, and emotes, that, while modest, add to an account's general appeal.

Rare or limited-edition symbols from special events, for example, can lend a layer of personality to your account, which could boost its worth in the eyes of collectors.

Your Champion and Skin Collection

The variety and rarity of the champions and skins in your collection will have a major impact on the perceived worth of your LoL account.

Champions, which are the game's protagonists, vary in complexity and playstyle. Having a diverse collection of champions, particularly uncommon or high-tier ones, increases the value of your account.

Furthermore, rare or limited-edition skins gained during events or promotions make your account more appealing.

Ranked Level

The League of Legends ranked mode is a competitive environment where participants attempt to move up the ladder and demonstrate their abilities. Your account's ranking and division, as well as your best-achieved rank, offer a snapshot of your in-game abilities.

A high-ranking account will probably be more valuable because it represents a great commitment of time and effort in learning the game.

Honors Level

Your honor level, which reflects your sportsmanship and community behavior, can be another factor that raises or lowers the value of your LoL account. Accounts with high Honor levels may be more appealing to buyers since they indicate a favorable in-game experience.

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League of Legends' customization features, like summoner spells and rune pages, enable gamers to personalize their gameplay.

An account with a broad assortment of summoner spells and well-optimized rune pages demonstrates versatility and adaptation across many gaming conditions. These finer aspects can increase account value, especially for those seeking a well-rounded experience.

Ownership and Security

It’s important to remember that in-game elements are not the only things that drive account value. Potential buyers also value security and transparency with regard to account ownership.

Ensuring that your account is protected by using two-factor authentication and providing transparency with regard to account ownership can hold you in good stead when approaching a potential buyer.


The market demand for LoL accounts fluctuates in response to gaming patterns, updates, and upcoming releases. Accounts with characteristics that match the current meta, recent skins, or champions released in patches may receive greater interest and better offers.

Staying up to date on the game's changes can help you evaluate demand and potentially increase your account's value.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a plethora of factors that influence the value of a League of Legends account. From market demand to ranking and experience, there are several elements to think about.

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