How to Avoid Being Toxic in League of Legends

League of Legends is probably the most popular PvP game out there, and definitely the most popular MOBA. Thanks to that, it has one of the most diverse player bases in every regard. Having that said, LoL is also an extremely competitive game, since no matter what you do, you're playing against other actual players, and naturally, everybody loves to win, especially when you're playing ranked games. This sort of competition is good, as it allows players to constantly improve, brainstorm and even team up, but it also has a very dark side - toxicity. Due to the effort and time some players put into game, and feeling that their teammates aren't trying as hard, or don't care as much, they tend to get very upset, which is understandable. However, the line between getting upset or frustrated and getting toxic or negative is a very short one, and in the heat of the moment, it can be crossed within seconds. Furthermore, since Riot is very serious when it comes to banning toxic players, we decided to write this article in the hope of helping you deal with the urge of getting toxic, and hopefully protect you from getting your LoL account permanently banned.

How to Avoid Being Toxic in League of Legends

Take breaks in-between games

This is actually a bit easier said than done, however, taking a break after a bad game can do wonders, even if it's for a few minutes. Grab a drink, get some fresh air or even tab out and check your favorite websites or Twitch streams for a bit. Taking a break will allow you to calm down a bit, rather than going into the next match already frustrated and perhaps starting off on the wrong foot from the get-go. You can chain games if you're on a winning streak, but do allow yourself some time to cool down if you've been losing constantly or feeling like you're about to get angry. If you don't know when's the right time to take a break, just do it after your first loss, or after losing two games consecutively. Nobody knows you better than yourself, so try to make a pattern of when you're about to get salty, and then go clear your head a bit!

Skype call or duo with a friend

Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak or whatever you prefer, speaking to a friend while playing LoL can really help you deal with the anger, even if your friend isn't playing with you. Venting to your friend without typing in game chat is the best way to deal with frustration in League, and a sure way to not get you reported and banned for being toxic. More so, it can even lead to a few jokes and laughter, and this way, it will no longer feel like a "chore", but rather a fun activity. Now, if you're gonna duo-queue with a friend, do make sure to find someone that doesn't tend to get annoyed or frustrated, and if your friend can deal with frustration better than you, that's perfect! Even more, when duoing, you'll no longer feel that the winning responsibility is solely on you, and it'll help you focus more and play better knowing that someone else is trying just as hard, and that you're able to speak to them on voice comms.

Stream your gameplay

Don't have a friend to speak to? No problem! You can start streaming your LoL gameplay on Twitch or YouTube, whichever you prefer. Even if you won't have many viewers at start, this will allow you to at least "talk to yourself" out loud without seeming weird, and it'll certainly decrease your urge to type in-game, knowing that others might be watching you play. More so, you never know your potential as an entertainer, so streaming your LoL gameplay is not only a "workaround" to not get toxic in-game, but it can even lead to a new hobby, and why not, even some money or maybe a successful career as a streamer! Another good aspect to this is that you can have your broadcasts recorded, and you can review them later on and see what went wrong, what could you have done better in a certain situation, or even analyze new strategies. Also, thanks to this, you can even clip some sick plays or funny moments, and upload them on YouTube as well!

Type but don't press "Enter"

This is a risky one, and not a solution to the toxicity issue per se, but if nothing else works, you can try typing what you were going to say anyway, but do NOT press "Enter", as to not actually send it for others to read it in game chat. Psychologically speaking, after you're done typing your rant or blowing off steam, you've already gotten it out of your system, so pressing "Enter" won't help further. This way, it'll allow you to "say" what you were going to say, but without offending others or risking getting reported and permanently banned. If this works for you, then that's great, although do make sure to work on your reflexes of not instantly pressing "Enter". This way, you'll avoid having to deal with more toxicity and negativity which is bound to follow your statement should you be sending it. That's the thing with toxicity in League of Legends, or in any other game for that matter, once you go down this road, literally nothing good can come from it. The other players won't miraculously start playing better, and quite the opposite actually, they'll also become angry and less focused, so the only outcome possible will be a bad one. Add to that the fact that you'll surely get reported and potentially banned, and you're in for quite a treat. Another problem with toxicity is that sometimes you can get provoked by others, and stooping down to their level will also lead to problems. No matter what they say, don't fight back, and if they don't stop, just mute them and report them, as they'll be handled by Riot. Even if they threaten you with mass reporting, assuming they're a premade team, don't give in to their negativity. If you don't fight them back, you've got nothing to worry about, and if you somehow end up getting banned despite not being toxic, then you can request the help of a League of Legends account unban service. Appealing a toxicity ban can be a very subjective thing, and that's why you shouldn't do it yourself, but rather allow someone with a lot more experience to help with your defense.

Bottom line

Thing about what League of Legends means to you, and then just assume it's the same for others. Despite its competitive nature, it's a hobby and a pleasant way of spending your free time. That being said, you shouldn't assume that whichever player in your team that isn't performing as good as you are, is bad or trying to lose on purpose. Some players might simply not be as experienced, while others might be going through some rough times in their personal life, and are just there to relax, have fun and take their minds off their issues. This is why you shouldn't be saying things you might end up regretting later on, and not just because you can get banned, but also because it might come back to your mind randomly, and you might not be able to take it back. As for the bottom line, we truly hope our article and tips were able to help you deal with your urge of getting toxic or negative while playing League of Legends, and perhaps, even opened up a few ideas in terms of streaming!