How to choose duo partner

Most of the League of Legends players usually choose to play solo in ranked games instead of playing duo. Both ways has its advantages and disadvantages. This is also true while ELO boosting. Most of the ELO boosters in the top circle usually choose to duo boost with another ELO booster especially when there is a high ELO boost to complete. The reason behind this is easy. The harder the boost the better is to complete it in duo to lower the risks of losing any games. The right way to do this is to find a player you play the best with. One of the main factor is, that you have to look out for is the main role distribution. For example your preferred role is jungler or top laner and your duo mate prefers playing on the bot lane, there is a good chance that you can both pick your main champs which equals a win in ELO boosting. By choosing a duo mate keep this factor in mind. The classic pre-made bot lane duo is another successful type of play but sometimes it can lead to failure. We all know those two guys who type remade bot in the champion selection and in the game they fail miserably. This is because If you choose to play duo bot lane with your friend it will not be working just because of the advantages that communication between the two of you can give. In fact this communication is the reason why you fail against your opponents at bot lane who are not pre-made player’s just two casual players who may not even main ad carries or supports. Over playing situations and mislead each other with the wrong way of communication can lead to a loss easily. To avoid these type of situations you must choose the right duo player just like top ELO boosters do. By doing so you can save some money and boost yourself to the next tier with your mate. This is free ELO boost which is based on the extra that you can give while playing ranked with your duo friend. For some players this is enough to get out from ELO hell while some will find it still little to make any progress with it. We are all different in life and in League of Legends too. Playing duo games can bring out so much extra skill and will out of a player while some will just compete better while playing alone. It is on you. The first step is to decide which type are you? To do that you must try yourself by playing both ways. To get a true result you better try to play with more than one person so you will now how can you perform better.