Introducing Milio and Naafiri: The New Champions of 2023

New champions are among the most exciting things that come in League of Legends updates. In most cases, you can expect three to six new champions every year, with each one getting released every few months.

Riot Games often releases an “update roadmap” where you can look at what you can expect for the following year. 2023 seems to be an exciting year for players, as we’re getting a new jungle champion, a new mid-lane one, and a new Freljordian one.

Today, we’ll focus on two of the newest additions to the League of Legends roster: Milio and Naafiri. Milio has already been released, and Naafiri is just around the corner.

What do these champions have in store for us? Let’s find out!

What You Should Know About Milio

Milio, “The Gentle Flame,” was the first new champion to hit the Season 13 roster in LoL. Considering his current ability kit, he’s best suited as a Support champion.

A great thing about Milio is that he’s amazing against competitions that focus on hard engagement. Let’s take a closer look at his abilities:

  • Fired Up! (Passive): Milio can enchant himself or an ally for four seconds, allowing them to power up their next auto attack. This happens whenever Milio hits himself or an ally with an ability.
  • Ultra-Mega Fire Kick (Q): Milio kicks a fireball that can knock back enemies and stun them for one second. What makes this ability interesting is that it will also bounce and deal magic damage to enemies around the area. It also slows them down for 1.5 seconds.
  • Cozy Campfire (W): Milio creates an “empowerment zone” that lasts for six seconds. It follows himself and the closest ally. Champions inside the zone will get an increased base attack range, and they will also heal every 0.24 seconds while the ability is active. Milio can recast the ability so that it follows himself or an allied champion.
  • Warm Hugs (E): Milio empowers an ally, giving them bonus movement speed and a shield for 2.5 seconds. He can stock up to two charges of this ability.
  • Breath of Life (Ultimate): Milio releases a wave of flames that can heal allies, cleanse them of non-airborne crowd control, and give them 65% tenacity for three seconds. The ability also affects him.

As for the runes, his most popular build involves the Sorcery and Resolve rune paths.

Overall, Milio is an interesting addition to the Support role in LoL, giving him flexibility and the upper hand in many different matchups. In his current state, he can be troublesome for any opponent, so if you play Support, we recommend you try it out!

Everything About Naafiri

Let’s now jump to Naafiri, the upcoming champion on the roster. According to Riot’s statements, she will release on Patch 13.14, which is pointing toward a mid-July release.

Naafiri took everyone by surprise when she got teased. Many people were eager to get a new Darkin champion!

Even though she hasn’t been released yet (at the time of writing this article), we already have basic information about her kit.

Here’s a rundown of her abilities:

  • We Are More (Passive): Naafiri will create a “Packmate,” which will attack targeted enemies after a particular period. The packmates spawn faster if Naafiri hits her enemies with an ability.
  • Darkin Daggers (Q): Naafiri creates Darkin-tainted blades that can deal physical damage and inflict “bleed” damage for a few seconds. If the targeted enemy already got hit by the blades before, each additional hit will inflict bonus damage. Packmates created by Naafiri’s passive will target enemies who got hit by the daggers. Naafiri will heal if the target was a champion. Moreover, she can recall the ability.
  • Hounds’ Pursuit (W): Both Naafiri and her packmates will dash at an enemy, dealing damage to the first champion they collide with. The ability can gain range based on ultimate rank. When Naafiri uses this ability, the packmates become untargetable.
  • Eviscerate (E): Naafiri will surge forward, allowing her to deal physical damage to any champions she passes through. The packmates will also get recalled to Naafiri, which heals them.
  • The Call of the Pack (R): Naafiri empowers herself and her pack, gaining a shield and a burst of speed and vision. If she takes out a champion, the effects of the ability get refreshed. Naafiri can spawn up to seven packmates during this ability.

We’ll have to wait and see how Naafiri performs in the current meta, but looking at her current ability kit, it’s safe to say that she will be a hard opponent to go against and an excellent addition to any team.

Bottom Line – Make the Most Out of the New Champions Today!

Getting the hang of new champions can be hard, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be mastering the Summoner’s Rift shortly!

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