League of Legends Missions: 2023 Schedule

To enhance its players' experience, League of Legends has been consistently releasing new missions. They're an excellent way for players to earn rewards and challenge themselves.

Types of Missions in League of Legends

Generally, there are three types of missions in League of Legends:

1. Daily Missions

These missions are usually short and can be performed in a single game or match. They are refreshed daily and often require you to play a particular champion or game mode.

2. Weekly Missions

The weekly missions usually require several matches to complete. They're updated once a week and typically involve winning games or accumulating a particular number of experience points.

3. Special Missions

Special missions appear once in a while during certain limited-time events. The tasks they require you to do are usually more complicated than the daily and weekly missions. Some examples of those tasks are playing a particular game mode or winning a certain number of games.

Once you've completed these special missions, you can get special edition rewards that won't be available outside the time of the events. That's why players take these missions very seriously.

Some missions might have prerequisites, such as reaching a certain level or owning certain items.

How to Access Your Missions in League of Legends

Missions will automatically appear on your account. They will unlock once you've met the requirements. There's a "Missions" tracker button you can click. It's located at the bottom of your list of friends. This button will reveal all the missions you have and how much you have progressed through each one.

The mission tab will also tell you how much time you have left to complete them. Your game's outcome will count toward the Mission's objective as long as the end-of-game screen appears before the timer runs out.

League of Legends Special Event Missions in 2023

League of Legends has released some special event missions in 2023. Here are some of them:

1. League of Legends Season 2023 Mystery Champion Missions

Season 2023 started with a series of daily missions that could be completed from January 11 to January 24. There were nine missions in total. The objective was to reveal the hidden Mystery Champion.

Each day, the game revealed a riddle that hinted toward the Mystery Champion of the day. Players could clear the objective by playing a game with the Mystery Champion or earning 450 points through the games. Once they completed it, they would get daily rewards.

If you're new to the game, these missions might sound complicated. However, there are a lot of online forums and communities that can keep you updated with these missions, so you don't have to worry.

2. League of Legends Lunar Revel Event 2023

As a celebration of the 2023 Lunar New Year, League of Legends released a themed event on January 12. The event lasted for more than a month and was closed on February 20. It featured missions, passes, and event-specific rewards you could get after completing the missions.

There are three limited-time sets of missions you can clear during this event. They are the Infinite Pass Mission, the Mythmaker Missions, and the Lunar Revel Missions.

Among the three of them, the Infinite Pass Mission was the easiest because it only required you to queue up. The Event XP you earned could be exchanged with the limited-edition items in the event shop.

Upcoming Missions

As for now, Riot Games hasn't provided any news regarding the upcoming special event missions. However, you can always check its website for the newest update. In the meantime, you can play daily and weekly missions to gain rewards.

You don't have to worry about missing any missions because they will always appear on your "Missions" tab. Furthermore, the League of Legends community is very active. It may give you important information about upcoming missions and events via numerous online forums and social media platforms.

The Bottom Line

Missions in League of Legends are a fun and rewarding way for players to engage with the game and earn prizes. There are constantly fresh challenges and rewards to boost your experience. Players can expect even more fascinating missions and events in the future as the game evolves and grows.