LoL Coaching vs. Elo Boosting: Choosing the Best Path


As the competitive league scene continues to thrive, more and more players are seeking ways to improve their skills and achieve higher rankings. Two popular methods to accomplish this are from utilizing coaching and boosting services.

Although both approaches promise to help you progress in the game, their methods and outcomes differ. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the following:

  • An in-depth look at both services.
  • Comparing their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Offering examples of how each can impact your gameplay.

What is League of Legends Coaching?

League of Legends coaching is where an experienced player, often with a high-ranking or professional background, offers guidance and mentorship to a less experienced player. The goal is to help students improve their gameplay through personalized feedback, strategic advice, and skill development.

Advantages of Coaching:

  1. Personalized Approach: A coach will focus on your strengths and weaknesses, providing customized guidance and suggestions to improve your gameplay. This personalized approach ensures you work on areas most relevant to your growth.
  2. Long-term Improvement: League coaching focuses on teaching you the skills necessary to become a better player rather than simply helping you achieve a higher rank. As a result, the improvements you make under the guidance of a coach are more likely to stick with you in the long run.
  3. Confidence and Mindset: A good coach can help you develop a more vital mental game by instilling confidence and a growth mindset. It can lead to better decision-making and increased resilience in high-pressure situations.
  4. In-Depth Game Knowledge: Coaches often have extensive knowledge of game mechanics, strategies, and champion-specific tips that can provide valuable insights and help you expand your understanding of the game.

Disadvantages of Coaching:

  1. Time Investment: Coaching requires a significant time commitment, as you'll need to attend sessions, practice the skills you've learned, and apply the feedback you've received.
  2. Costs: High-quality coaching services can be expensive, making them inaccessible to some players. However, investing in a good coach can pay off in the long run if it significantly improves your gameplay.

What is League of Legends Boosting?

Boosting is a service where a highly skilled player plays on your account, helping you achieve a higher rank. It is often done in exchange for payment, with the booster playing a specific number of games or until a certain level is reached. While we may be biased, we believe our boosting company is the best in the world!

Advantages of Boosting:

  1. Quick Results: Boosting can increase your rank, allowing you to access higher-level gameplay and rewards. It can be particularly appealing to players who need more time or need more time to progress in the game.
  2. Learning from Observing: Watching a booster play on your account can provide valuable insights into their strategies and decision-making, which you can then apply to your gameplay.

Disadvantages of Boosting:

  1. Temporary Benefits: Boosting may help you achieve a higher rank, but it won't necessarily make you a better player. Once the booster stops playing on your account, you may need help maintaining the rank.
  2. Financial Cost: Boosting services can be expensive, and the benefits are often short-lived for some players. Due to this, it can sometimes be a less cost-effective option than coaching, which hopes to provide long-term improvements.

Examples of Both:

Suppose a player is stuck in Silver rank and wants to reach Gold. They try coaching and boosting services to see which will help them achieve their goal.

First, the player hires a coach who helps them identify their weaknesses, such as poor map awareness and decision-making during team fights. The coach provides them with personalized strategies to overcome these issues and sets specific goals for improvement.

Over several months, they worked diligently to apply the feedback and practice their learned skills. As a result, their gameplay improves, and they gradually climb the ranks, ultimately reaching Gold.

Next, the player decides to try a boosting service. A booster plays on their account and quickly achieves Gold rank. While this is an immediate and visible result, they notice that they still struggle in certain aspects of the game when they play independently.

In this example, coaching provided the player with long-term improvement and the tools to progress independently through the ranks. Boosting, on the other hand, offered a quick solution without focusing on much individual improvement.

For players looking for the best of both worlds, duo queue boosting with coaching could be a perfect fit.

Which is Better for You?

When deciding between League of Legends coaching and boosting services, it's essential to consider your goals and priorities. Coaching is a more sustainable option that offers long-term improvement through personalized guidance and skill development. Boosting, while providing quick results, is often temporary, except for duo queue boosting sometimes.

The choice is yours, but remember that genuine growth comes from within, and victory lies in becoming a better player, whether from boosting or coaching!