New League of Legends Champion: Rell

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA with a large following. The game has a wide variety of characters, such as summoners and champions. There are more than 140 champions for you to choose from. This extensive character list ensures that you can find a character perfectly suited to your playstyle. The variety on offer with all these characters is perfect when considering the nature of the game. There are characters suitable for more aggressive players as well as those designed for supporting players. Recently a new character has been added to this list, and the character goes by the name Rell.


Rell is a dark support character who also subscribes to the tank class. The character is similar to Braum, who happens to be the last tank support character in League of Legends. Unlike Braum, Rell has been designed to have a dark past and personality. These traits, combined with a metal bending concept, form the core features of the new champion.


Rell hails from the area of Runeterra, known as Noxus. Noxus is a land of inclusivity, opportunity, and tolerance for those willing to do away with ethics in the search for power. The Black Rose run the covert operations in Noxus. These aristocrats use demon calling, resurrecting and controlling dead gods, void magic, and last but not least, sigil magic, which is ripping magic from living things and forcing it into something else. The developers focused on this dark side of Noxus when defining Rell’s dark past.


Rell developed the rare ability of ferromancy, otherwise classified as metal bending. She crafted her armor using this ability. Her ferromancy acts as a magnetic field that affects metal in the ground or any metal that touches or comes close to her. She cannot use this ability to affect metal from hundreds of meters away, though.


Because Rell needs to be close to affect her opponents, she is designed to be a tank. This means she can absorb a lot of damage while carrying out her abilities. The character also has a steed, which she can ride into battle or do away with and switch into her tank form. However, she is much slower when in her tank form than when she is in her mounted knight form.


All things considered, Rell is a welcomed addition to the roster of characters available in League of Legends, and there is no doubt that players of the game won’t be able to help falling in love with her backstory as well as the new mechanics she introduces to the game.