The Controversial Twitch Ban of League of Legends Caster JamadaLoL

Adrian "Jamada" Wharlton-Thorne, a prominent League of Legends caster known for his work in the LPL and EMEA scenes, has been hit with a two-week Twitch suspension for "hateful conduct." The ban came without any prior warning or explanation, leaving Jamada in a precarious situation. He was slated to work on the EMEA Masters Summer 2023, which kicked off on August 14, but the ban jeopardizes his participation in both the Play-In and group stages of the tournament.

The Impact on EMEA Masters

Jamada's absence from the EMEA Masters could be a significant blow to the event. He has been a core member of the tournament's casting team for the past three years and is passionate about the event. The days he was scheduled to work are his only workdays for the month, making the loss of this income "incredibly detrimental," especially in light of some personal news he recently received.

The Community's Outcry

The League of Legends community has rallied behind Jamada, expressing their frustration with Twitch's lack of transparency. A Reddit thread discussing the issue was upvoted to the top of the League of Legends subreddit, with users criticizing Twitch for issuing a ban without providing any context or explanation. One of the top-voted comments questioned why Twitch doesn't include a description of the offense when issuing a ban, making it easier for the banned individual to appeal.

Unanswered Questions

Despite reaching out to relevant parties for three days, Jamada has not found a resolution to his situation. His first appeal was rejected, and he has yet to receive any news regarding his suspension. This leaves him unable to appear on any Twitch broadcasts for the time being, putting his participation in the EMEA Masters in serious doubt.


The Twitch ban of JamadaLoL raises several questions about the platform's policies and transparency. It not only affects the caster's livelihood but also has a ripple effect on the League of Legends community and the EMEA Masters tournament. As of now, it remains unclear whether Jamada will be able to participate in the ongoing event, leaving fans and fellow casters in a state of uncertainty.