Valorant's Console Release: Everything You Need to Know

The much-anticipated release of Valorant on consoles is finally upon us, marking a significant expansion of Riot Games' popular tactical shooter. Fans eagerly await the full release with the beta already out for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This article delves into every aspect of Valorant's transition from PC to console, the beta phase details, and how you can enhance your gaming experience with BoostRoyal's services.

The Launch of Valorant on Consoles

Valorant's Journey from PC to Console

Valorant, developed by Riot Games, has been a groundbreaking success in the world of PC gaming. Known for its strategic gameplay and vibrant hero characters, the game has cultivated a massive player base. The move to consoles was inevitable, bringing the thrilling experience to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Valorant Console Beta: An Overview

The console beta for Valorant launched in mid-June, allowing a select number of players to test the game on their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This phase is crucial for Riot Games to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments before the full release.

Key Features of Valorant's Console Version

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

Valorant's console version promises to deliver the same high-quality gameplay that PC players have enjoyed. This includes precise controls, strategic depth, and a variety of agents each with unique abilities.

Cross-Platform Play

One of the most exciting features is cross-platform play between PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This allows players to compete against a larger pool of opponents, fostering a more competitive environment.

Shared Progression

Players can enjoy shared progression between PC and console versions. This means any progress, purchases, and achievements made on the PC version will carry over to the console version, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

The Beta Phase: Details and Expectations

Duration and Access

The beta phase began on June 14, with Riot Games allowing access through invite codes. As of now, there is no set end date for the beta, indicating that Riot is committed to extensive testing and optimization.

Maps and Game Modes

The beta includes a mix of new and old maps from the PC version. Initially, only non-competitive modes were available, but competitive playlists have since been added to the mix.

Player Feedback and Adjustments

Riot Games is closely monitoring player feedback during the beta phase. This feedback is invaluable for making necessary tweaks and ensuring the final release is polished and enjoyable.

How to Join the Valorant Console Beta

Signing Up for the Beta

To join the Valorant console beta, players need to sign up through Riot Games' official website or obtain a referral link from an invited friend. This ensures a controlled number of participants, allowing Riot to manage server loads and gather detailed feedback.

Referral Links and Invitations

Players who receive a direct invite from Riot Games will also get a personal referral link, which can be used up to five times. This allows friends to join the beta and play together.

Valorant on PlayStation and Xbox: What to Expect

Graphics and Performance

Valorant on consoles aims to maintain the high graphical fidelity and smooth performance that players expect. The game is optimized to run seamlessly on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, providing an immersive experience.

Controller Support and Adjustments

Riot Games has implemented various adjustments to ensure the game feels natural with a controller. This includes customizable settings to help players find their optimal configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Valorant console beta end?

As of now, there is no set end date for the Valorant console beta. Riot Games plans to keep the beta running until they are confident in the game's stability and performance.

Will progress from the beta carry over to the full release?

Yes, progress and purchases made during the beta will carry over to the full release of Valorant on consoles.

Can I play with friends on other platforms?

Valorant supports cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but not with PC players. This ensures a balanced competitive environment.

How do I get an invite to the Valorant console beta?

You can sign up for the beta on Riot Games' official website or get a referral link from a friend who has already received an invite.

What modes are available in the beta?

The beta includes core non-competitive modes and has recently added competitive playlists.

Will my PC Valorant account sync with the console version?

Yes, your account content, including purchases and progress, will be shared between the PC and console versions of Valorant.


The release of Valorant on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is a monumental step for Riot Games, expanding their reach to console gamers. With the beta phase in full swing, players can look forward to an optimized and thrilling experience. Enhance your journey with BoostRoyal's boosting and account selling services, ensuring you get the most out of your Valorant adventure.