What Does the Implementation of Vanguard Mean for LoL Players in 2024?

Games are getting more sophisticated, and hackers are too. Whether you want to enjoy a casual match or boost through your LoL ranks, you’re likely exposed to a lot of cheaters.

Depending on the type of cheating, you could get a worse gaming experience. Thankfully, Riot addressed this issue by implementing Vanguard. It was first introduced with Valorant, and it will now arrive in League of Legends.

At first glance, you’ll see that Vanguard is an anti-cheat software, but what will it mean for you as a LoL player? Let’s find out!

What’s Vanguard?

Riot Vanguard is a custom game security software implemented in the company’s games, such as Valorant. Its goal is to promote safe and fair gaming across all platforms.

You’ll see Vanguard getting installed along your game, and both programs run simultaneously.

Once you’re running Vanguard, you’ll get a system tray notification. You could turn it off by choosing “Exit Vanguard.” This is a reliable option if you notice the program is affecting other things on your computer.

Simply put, the program will work to ensure there are no cheaters in your matches.

What Are Vanguard’s Benefits?

The main benefit is that you’ll have a cheater-free gaming experience. If a cheater were to get caught, for example, you can expect Vanguard to take similar measures to Valorant matches.

In Valorant, a match automatically ends when a cheater is spotted. Depending on the offense, the cheater could get banned from the game. The other players can also block the cheater.

League of Legends will use Vanguard for a similar purpose, and it will allow players to block cheaters and get an LP reimbursement. In other words, you won’t lose your precious League Points if a match ends because of cheating.

Are There Any Problems with Vanguard?

Technically, you won’t have any problems with your League of Legends account when using Vanguard.

Valorant’s Vanguard system, though, gained attention in the past because of unusual activity. The program sometimes tracks your other PC processes whether or not you’re playing at the time.

Vanguard doesn’t do this without reason. Remember the program looks for software with vulnerabilities, which are popularly used by hackers to cheat.

When it was first implemented, Vanguard seemed to be “too intrusive.” However, it’s expected for the Vanguard system in LoL to be better optimized.

You could uninstall Vanguard if you wanted, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to run your game without it. Once you try, you’ll get a notification asking you to re-download Vanguard.

We suggest uninstalling Vanguard if you notice it’s affecting your other PC programs.

What If You Want to Level Up a New Account?

Riot Games has planned significant changes to its MMR system in League of Legends. This newer system aims to make ranked matchmaking better for all players, especially those in lower ranks or “ELO Hell.”

The implementation of Vanguard will aid in this new system, as it’ll prevent cheaters from exposing vulnerabilities and trying to win matches unfairly.

What about those who want to level their accounts through boosting or “smurfing”? Technically, you won’t get heavily penalized or banned for smurfing, but there’s no way to tell whether the new MMR changes will affect players who do this.

In Valorant, for example, smurfers will have a much harder time finding matches and getting points to rank up. LoL players can expect a similar system when these changes (and Vanguard) are finally live.

If you’re looking to level up an account, you could hire an account booster. These are professionals who can get your LoL account to any rank you want without worrying about bans, penalties, or other issues.

As Vanguard goes live, you can expect these professionals to come up with safer measures to take care of your account. Since Riot doesn’t punish smurfers harshly, you will not have any problems.

Bottom Line

It’s crucial to stay updated on the latest changes in League of Legends. Due to its massive player base and ongoing problems, you can expect developers to implement further changes as time passes.

As of today, Vanguard seems to be something positive for players in League of Legends, as it will prevent cheating. If you’re worried about potential MMR changes in the future, leave your account to a booster.

Boosters will take care of the entire process, ensuring you don’t have to deal with poor teams, lost matches, and more importantly, lost time.